Choose a Phone Mount to Enjoy Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 opened on Nov.21 has brought a huge carnival to all soccer fans. Especially under the COVID-19 pandemic background, this worldwide sports event will definitely energize people.


Being a soccer fan, you shall not miss any chance to witness the trial of the team you support. Celebrating goals with mates is no doubt the best enjoyment. However, watching the game alone on a cellphone might be a more common case nowadays due to the restriction under COVID-19.


Holding a phone for hours could be exhausting, especially when the team you support is out of shape, and your phone could be at risk of an unexpected impulsive smash.


To avoid this unwanted situation, a phone holder could be a very good option. SinceTop has the just right product to hold your phone.

This phone mount is ideal for you to mount the phone on a desk. This suction-type phone mount features a strong suction cup to fix the mount on the desktop without tilting no matter how big your phone is. Actually, it is also compatible with tablets. With the universal adhesive adapter, you can mount your phone or tablet easily.

People can feel relaxed only after they put themselves in a relaxed position. And after changing into the most comfortable position, the phone needs to be adjusted to fit too. SinceTop Desktop Phone Mount features unbelievable flexibility to provide the best viewing angle to you. The suction cup base can be unlocked and rotated freely without lifting the whole mount from your table. You can flip the arm of the mount up and down to choose the most comfortable angle. Let alone the ball joint that allows you to rotate the display directly whether you are sitting or lying down to watch.

If you are worried about the watching experience, there can’t be a better choice than SinceTop phone holders. Unlike many other holders with edge baffles and grabs that could cover or obstruct your control. SinceTop Desktop Phone Mount uses a non-reusable adapter that sticks on the back of the device with super strong 3M VHB adhesive to connect the device and the mount. This mechanical connection is super stable and more reliable than magnetic holders.

This mount is also portable and available on your car dashboard and windshield. Give you the opportunity to catch every match on the go. If you are sitting in the backseat, SinceTop car seat phone mount would provide you with an even better watching experience in a car. By mounting the display right in front of you, you will be like watching TV on the couch of a living room.

For the area that may not have enough place to use the desktop phone mount, SinceTop would like to present our tiny wall mount that occupies a small place to hold your phone on the wall and free your hands. This tiny but powerful mount also uses 3M VHB adhesive to ensure it sticks on the wall safely. With the ball joint, you can easily change the angle and find the best direction. You can mount it in the bathroom or bedroom for watching the game.

The best part of choosing SinceTop is that you can enjoy the whole family of phone mount products and accessories. No matter how many mounts you own, with the universal adapter, your device is cross-compatible with all mounts that cover different aspects of your life.

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