Electric Scooters, Convenient and Quick

You might have seen more and more electric scooters on roads nowadays and wondered whether worth to have one to wandering around the city.

Follow us, and we will clarify the benefits of an e-scooter in this article.


Actually, there are so many benefits an adult scooter can bring to you. Let’s start with the most practical part: it will save you a lot of money.


Buying a scooter is not a high cost compared with buying a motorcycle, or a car, and so would the taxes. The electric-powered scooter would also save you a good amount of money you would have spent on fuel for motorcycles and cars. Even if you purchase an electric car and motorcycle, a scooter would save parking costs as scooters are often compatible, and some of them can fold to carry along. Fully charged once, a normal scooter would be available for 20 miles, which is quite enough for you to wander around the city for a good time.

Besides the economic advantage, having a scooter if you live in an urban area would definitely release you from the annoying traffic jams. In many countries and states, you don’t have to apply for a license, and scooters are also allowed to run on main roads. Of course, we strongly suggest you prepare at least a helmet to protect you from accidents as a scooter could reach as much as 20km/h which is faster than most road bicycles.

A scooter would also bring you a lot of fun through a very enjoyable way to get around. You can easily reach the small path you might never have been on before. Traveling in the fresh air and sometimes with a breeze on your face will help reduce stress and increase your happiness level. When you want to explore the city you live in, Sincetop has prepared the best match handlebar phone mount for you. You can follow the guidance from the map while enjoying your favorite music.

The convenience of a scooter is not only on its portability and accessibility. The compact size allows you to store an electric scooter in a small room in your home or workspace. Yet you may also meet some situations in which you have to park your scooter outside for a while. Unlike cars and bikes, an electric scooter could be easily stolen by malicious strangers. Sincetop also provides you with a solution for this. Our airtag hider could be mounted onto the bike and disguise the Apple airtag as a common reflector without calling the attention of the thief. And with Apple’s high-tech help, you can ensure the safety of your scooter.

We are all aware that the worldwide pandemic COVID is still threatening our lives and that’s why scooters are becoming more and more popular for personal transportation. It is affordable, easier to operate, more convenient to park and store than conventional cars or bikes, and safer to commute than public transport during this very special period.

Find SinceTop accessories for your scooters, and enjoy better commuting or joyriding every day.