Practice and Improve, Enjoy the Fun of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a very fun way to exercise and connect with nature. It features various forms and each requires skills of a different type. Cross country requires endurance and pacing ability; DJ needs excellent performing skills and body flexibility. Downhill is one of the most exciting and dangerous that requires perfect physical fitness as well as extraordinary biking skills.


There are many ways to enjoy mountain biking, XC、AM、FR、DH、EFR、DS、DJ、4X. You can also choose trails from pleasant wide flowing roads to high-adrenaline challenges on technical singletrack.


For a starter, we do not suggest you purchase a lot of professional monitors, or gears to modify your mountain bike. Basic equipment and your cellphone are enough for a green hand and you may gradually choose the accessories that are the best for you. In fact, modern cyclists rely on access to their phones for navigation, Strava, pacing, and more.


If you are interested and determined to join and enjoy a fun time on the trail, there are so many things you need to learn. Start from a simple road and improve your ability to navigate around obstacles. All you need to do is to practice.


Properly dressed up with your windbreaker. Take enough food and drink in your backpack. A nice fitted helmet and glasses. And of course, your phone.


Unlike other indoor exercises, you can ask someone to look after you for a while. Mountain biking is avoiding or jumping over the obstacles on the trail at a very fast speed alone, nobody can give you a hand when you’re riding. You will need to practice a lot to conquer a trail.


This means you need to ensure all accessories are stably attached and protected, especially your cellphone. In fact, one of the most important considerations when choosing a phone mount for a mountain bike is making sure you still have your phone at the end of the ride.


Making your phone accessible means putting a very expensive, very important device in danger. Even if you are using another monitor or computer to track and record your status, it’s the same theory. You want to make sure you've got something that is going to keep it safe and secure while also being usable.


A typical phone mount for bikes puts your display out in front of your handlebars. That makes for an easy sightline. It's especially true with the typical road bike position and it's best left to road bikes. For riding off-road, you will want to avoid an out-front position.


Crashes happen a lot more frequently when riding trails. If you crash your bike then an out-front position is a much more vulnerable spot for your phone. That’s why a handlebar clip-type phone mount won’t be your choice. Instead, look for a mount that keeps the phone closer to your body and protected by the handlebars. Above the stem is an ideal location.


When positioned closer to the rider's body a screen is more difficult to see in a road-specific aero position. Mountain bikes, and gravel bikes, put the rider in a more upright position. It's better for stability over rough terrain but it also makes it easier to see a screen that's closer.


SinceTop stem mount phone holder could be a very good choice. We present 3 types for different types of mountain biking.


For starters and those who are interested mainly in cross-city and Singlespeed, our best-selling stem phone mount is the ideal one for you. It’s mounted on the stem head tube with an M6 screw. 4 metal buckles lock your phone stably. It’s not rotatable but you can insert the phone in either portrait or landscape orientation. This mount will hold your display right above the stem to offer a good view while allowing the phone to be protected by the handlebar. It comes with a universal adapter and does require any specific phone cases. But using the mount with our available phone cases would definitely achieve a better effect.

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If you are going further to challenge some more furious mountain biking types, we suggest our thickened stem mount phone holder. It has an reinforced aluminum body, also mount on the stem head tube with an M6 screw. Super stable and sturdy to hold your phone above the stem. The connector type is exactly the same as the stem mount version, our patented 4-buckle quick attach-release phone mount. The universal adapter is compatible with all SinceTop Mounts and you can change to other mounts freely.

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The ultimate solution for mountain biking phone mount would be our stem clip mount. This version is directly mounted on the stem without an extended arm and offers the best stability. Safely hold your phone with our patented connector.


All the above phone mounts feature a quick mount release function. Just a press and the phone is snugly mounted. To detach only need to rotate the cellphone. Either process takes no more than 2 seconds. You won’t miss any photo chances during your ride!


Get prepared, practice more, and challenge higher. SinceTop will always support your riding!