Stay cycling, Stay healthy

If being asked how would winter affect you, a lot of people would be like ”It's cold and the thought of parting with your warm and comfy blanket is unthinkable.”


However, to keep fit and healthy we need to be physically active and take regular physical activities. From this point, biking could be a very good choice to reduce the risk of health problems and help us keep energetic in winter.


Though cold weather keep us cooped inside and prevent us from getting sufficient amount of vitamin D, biking is one of the best means of travel offers a way for outdoor and get fresh air and sunlight. During the cycling, the calorie burns dramatically and the increased body heat would lead to positive moods that help us combat winter blues. Studies have shown that cyclist are essentially happier people due to a combination of psychological and physiological factors that contribute to better mind-body health.


Take biking as a commuting method is also economic for those who travels short, relying on metro and bus can be expensive. However, biking is more affordable, sustainable to help you cut down on transportation fees and make use of gears that you already have. If you have read our previous articles, you may also choose an e-bike or scooter to make your urban travel more enjoyable.


Biking is also a perfect way to help us avoid getting sick in this special time period that COVID-19 pandemic is still and will continue exists. A study by Harvard revealed that winter sickness is more related to the fact that we spend more time indoors in close proximity to other people thus increasing the exchange of germ in an enclosed space. Biking alone gives you the chance to minimize interactions in the crowded subway or bus. Be a solo commute, be responsible to your health.


Safety is always the most important thing for you to concern during biking, especially in winter. The road is slippery, sunrise late and set earlier. SinceTop hereby offers our out-front phone mount for you. It has extra holes for you to add a bike light ahead while holding your phone to show you the correct way in the darkness.


Some cities also have requirement for rear light, and our Seatpost reflector mount is designed for you. It features a high quality reflector with 4 fitting spacer to fit on most seat posts. You can also hide an Airtag in the reflector against theft.


Biking safely, biking with SinceTop.