STEM vs HANDLEBAR Which is the Best for You

Can’t decide between a SinceTop stem mount and SinceTop handlebar mount? Keep reading and we will help you understand the differences and choose the suitable one for your purposes.


The main difference is where to install them. This is quite based on your actual purpose and bike type.


The stem mount installs on the stem head tube of a bicycle. Unlike clamp holders that grab onto the handlebar, SinceTop stem mount installs with a screw to avoid someone happening to pilfer the mount from your bike. When you are riding, your head usually stays at the center. Mounting the phone to the stem head tube would be a better way to check information and avoid getting distracted.

A stem phone mount is also a good choice when you have many ideas for customizing your bike and adding functions. So many bike accessories install on the handlebar, such as a front light, bell, cup holder, and more. SinceTop stem phone mount allows you to save space on the handlebar for other accessories.

Stem phone mounts are also more aerodynamic than handlebar mounts. Its slim design minimizes wind resistance and overall weight to help you challenge the next speed level.


The handlebar phone mount is much more flexible. The stem phone mount has a specific requirement for head tube diameter, while the handlebar phone mount is adjusted with fitting shims to mount on handlebars of various diameters. Though it is hard to adjust the position and angle after the installation, you can try different locations during installation and find the best angle to view and operate the phone.

Speaking of flexibility, handlebar phone mounts are also compatible with motorcycles that are beyond stem phone mounts' capability.


The stem mount and handlebar mount are the same in many aspects. They both have SinceTop patented connection system. Hold your phone firmly no matter what terrain you are riding. Quickly attach by the press and lock for APP checking during your riding, or quarter twist to detach and catch every photo chance or important calls. No matter which you choose finally, you will have a high-quality phone mount that serves you for years.