Will You Buy an E-Bike?

Electric Bikes(E-bikes in short) are another trending urban biking choice in recent years. It costs more than common bikes and scooters and offers you a very different cycling experience.


For years, E-Bikes are bulky and way too expensive with their limited battery life. However, things changed a lot these years. The battery is more powerful, the design is more attractive and for some E-Bike models, you can’t even tell the difference from a common bike.


An E-bike could take from $500 to $10000 which is quite a lot of money and people have to think about whether it is worth investing.


We are going to list some Pros and Cons for your reference and hopefully could help you make a decision.


The best part of an E-Bike is the compatibility. You don’t need to be well-trained or with licenses. You don’t have to be fit or with strong muscles for miles cycling. E-Bikes are equipped with the electric assistant system around the pedal part of a bike so it’s still a bike rather than a motorcycle. This means, yes, you still need to push the pedal, but with the battery providing power to assist each push, you can certainly go a long way without ever breaking a sweat.


The battery life of an E-Bike is the most important part a buyer should be concerned about. It will decide how far you can go and the frequency of recharge. For the latter, If you are not living off the grid with limited power access, a recharge should not be such a pain. The duration of a fully charged battery varies based on the method and actual scenario you ride the bike. A commuting user who always rides on urban roads that require less assistance can expect his/her E-bike to serve longer than a rider who needs to come across some hard paths.


You can “degrade” an E-bike to a normal bike but you can not do the reverse. Once an E-bike is run out of power, you can still ride it like a normal road bike home, and recharge the bike for the next day's use. While updating a good bike to an E-bike not only requires some professional knowledge but also asks you to be a good engineer to handle all the work. Moreover, it may not cost less than purchasing a new one.


As we have said in the very beginning, an expensive E-bike is worthwhile to buy in every aspect except the price. The manufacturers are also aware of this fact and they have added many theft-proof features to the bike. Some models require your fingerprint to unlock, some have a built-in tracker with a cooperative App for you to check the position of the bike, while some designed a special built-in chain to lock the bike against theft.


Besides, SinceTop also prepared some very useful items to make your E-bike advantages smooth and fun. Our handlebar phone mount is one of the best you can pick up on market to set your phone. The patented quick-release feature allows you to catch every photo chance and or important call.


SinceTop also provides a bike reflector Airtag mount to hide your Airtag on the bike and add one more insurance to the bike safety. Together with the original tracker, you can expect a more accurate location.


Let the E-bike assist the way your ride, and let SinceTop improve the experience of your riding to a new level.